About Us

BAIS is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta that has been formed exclusively for
educational, religious, and social purposes. BAIS has begun its journey in 2019 and is
committed to full participation and involvement of the Muslim community of Edmonton.

BAIS is a faith-based organization following a moderate understanding of Islam stemming from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This understanding focuses on reconciling faith with contemporary challenges, providing a clear articulation of balance, tolerance and moderation.  This understanding encourages constructive engagement in society and focuses on personal and communal empowerment to contribute to the development of healthy societies.

BAIS provides spaces, services and programs for education and personal development for
Edmonton Muslims. BAIS focuses on building communities and strengthening neighbourhoods and providing the required services for individuals to build strong families and communities.

BAIS’s objectives are to maintain and conduct Islamic educational programs and teach the
fundamentals of Islam, to improve the moral, intellectual and social condition of Muslims in Edmonton. BAIS aims to advance the cause of Islam as a complete way of life. BAIS aims to bring the community together by providing Five Daily Congregational Prayers (Salah), Friday Congregational Prayers (Jumuah), and Ramadan Congregational Prayers (Taraweeh) through various weekly and monthly programs.