1. To maintain and conduct Islamic social, educational and benevolent affairs through different regular programs
  2. To teach the spirit, culture, philosophy, ethics and fundamentals of Islam, to improve the moral, intellectual and social condition of Muslims in this community
  3. To expand the knowledge of Islam through discussions and Islamic literature utilizing publishing and distributing such literature, and provide an Islamic resource facility for the community at large
  4. To aid in establishing Muslim immigrants in Edmonton and encourage them to use our facilities, services and programs.
  5. To establish and maintain an Islamic Center (Mosque), Library, Outreach, and Women & Youth Activity Center
  6. To bring the community together by providing excellent services via:
    · Five Daily Congregational Prayers (Salah)
    · Friday Congregational Prayers (Jumuah)
    · Ramadan Congregational Prayers (Taraweeh)
  7. To provide Educational, Spiritual, and Counseling Services to the Community, via:
    · Weekend / Evening Quran and Islamic Classes
    · Develop and execute Islamic Educational Seminars and Daawa programs
  8. To run and organize religious and social gatherings for seniors and women.
  9. To make the place woman-friendly:
    Involving sisters in the BAIS is a surefire way to success. More importantly, it is how the early Muslims built a dynamic and inclusive community that successfully prepared its next generation to take the torch of Islam and run with it. As the primary caregivers of our children, women are the ones who have the power to make or break our youth’s love for and attachment to the Mosque. BAIS will harness this power once and for all by truly making this place the sister-friendly house of worship as it was during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him
  10. Public Relations:
    · Strengthen our relationship with all Edmonton Muslim Organizations, Alberta Muslim Organizations, Canada Muslim Organizations and internationally to foster common goals
    · Enhance the image of our Society by initiating open dialogue and communication with other social and religious groups and all levels of Government


In the next 3 to 5 years, we plan to build a complete mosque/masjid in Edmonton on its own land Insha’Allah. BAIS will be expecting generous donations from all community Muslims to fulfill this noble goal. Charity is one of the five pillars of Islamic practice. Prophet Muhammad said: When a person leaves his earthly body, all actions terminate but three:

  1. Knowledge through which people benefit,
  2. Sadaqa Jaariyya (recurring charity), and
  3. Pious child who makes dua or supplication for the parents